Cost of Membership


In summer of 2021 membership rates were raised to $20 per person per two year period. The FCSC has not raised rates in many years, and this decision was made to account for our true cost of operations. We appreciate your continued support of our work to educate funeral consumers in the state of Colorado!


Check out our new (in process) Funeral Provider Price Survey so that you, too, can become an educated consumer. If you need personalized help, we are always available to you by phone or email. Dependent children are covered under a parent's membership at no additional cost.  Dues may be waived in cases of true hardship. Transferees are subject to the same terms as new members.  





Member Handbook:


This valuable resource provides information to help members plan their arrangements and helps survivors carry out those plans.  The Handbook cost is $20.00 to anyone (membership is included).  Topics include:  What to do when someone dies, the need for estate planning, medical powers of attorney, living wills, body donation, organ donation, simple or elaborate burial arrangements, cremation, veterans' rights, advance directives and memorial services. 


This 60-page Handbook has over 50 subjects listed in its table of contents; it can be kept for future reference by  friends or relatives.  We strongly urge individuals to use these valuable tools.  There is now a 20% discount available to groups purchasing 10 or more copies (plus postage).