What do I do when someone dies?


To get a pronouncement of death, call the Coroner's office unless a physician is present.  Then the deceased's instructions should be looked for concerning a prepaid burial plan, memorial society membership, and written instructions regarding her/his funeral arrangements.  Next, arrange for the  deceased to be picked up (four alternatives are given for this in the FCSC Handbook).  There are three topics listed in the Handbook to attend to within three days, and other items to do within ten days---refer wto the chapter: "What To Do When Someone Dies" (see "Links" page on this web site)---on page 15 of the FCSC Handbook.  Also check this site:  (by University of Hawaii).


What are the benefits of FCSC membership?


Members receive a comprehensive handbook filled with information for families and survivors before and after death, membership card, FCSC newsletters twice a year, funeral industry info and more, and an invitation to the FCSC Annual meeting, usually held the first Saturday in May, featuring guest speakers of interest. 

How do I join FCSC?


To join and pay online click here. 

To join and pay via post, print and complete the membership application form in our Membership page, accompanied by a check of $20 payable to FCSC (good for a two-year membership).  Mail it to 

P.O. Box 4743

Greenwood Village, CO 80155-4743

How many paid employees do you have?


All Board members serve without compensation.  We are run solely by volunteers elected by the membership at our annual meeting, where each member is entitled to vote.  All members of the Board must be members of FCSC.


Do you have an overall parent organization?


The Funeral Consumer Society of Colorado is an affiliate of the Funeral Consumer Alliance, a national nonprofit organization, dedicated to protecting a consumer’s rights to choose a meaningful, dignified, affordable funeral.  FCA gives educational materials and advice to more than 100 volunteer-run consumer information groups around the country.  We have no ties to the funeral industry except for those contract mortuaries, who have agreed to provide our members with reasonable priced arrangements.


Is embalming required for cremation or burial?


No.  In most cases, it is your choice.  Colorado requires embalming or refrigeration if the body is not buried or cremated within 24 hours of death.  If the family selects a public viewing of the body, the funeral home may require embalming the body.  Otherwise, refrigeration is an option.

Can FCSC help pay for a funeral?


We frequently receive requests for financial assistance with burials or cremation.  The simple answer is “No,  FCSC is a non-profit informational organization, and not a charity, funeral home, insurance nor pre-payment plan."   A county disposition may be an option for the truly indigent. 



What do you do at Board meetings?  The Board members:


  • Discuss how to better support the consumer through education by giving information and direct assistance in reclaiming their rightful role in death and dying  

  • Talk about ways to empower FCSC members to make informed, thoughtful decisions about funeral and memorial arrangements before they are needed

  • Monitor state legislation, advocating for consumer protection in funeral affairs

  • Provide outreach programs to educate the public about end-of-life planning and decision making

  • Create and modify the website and newsletters

  • Conduct surveys of funeral home and crematory prices

  • Are available for personal phone consultations to answer questions to help the consumers in making funeral plans

  • Network with other organizations and agencies that share our mission and goals

  • Informally discuss ideas and enjoy each other's company---VERY interesting people involved here!

Question from the Board to our members at the Annual Meeting: 


"Are there suggestions for your FCSC on pursuing our educational mission?  How can we further support you and others?"  Suggestions follow from the members present:  (we welcome feedback!)

  • Have a booth at the Colorado Law Days

  • Have a booth at the resource fairs at the Buck Recreation Center and others

  • Be a sponsor of a Colorado Public Radio broadcast about our organization

  • Make videos for possible showing on YouTube or Facebook

  • Place an ad in the obituaries section of "The Denver Post"

  • Arrange for "The Denver Post" to write a feature article on us


There are several websites by other organizations which erroneously describe FCSC as a “funeral home”.  We are in the process of notifying the various sources and clarifying this mistaken identity. We are not a charity nor a funeral home, nor a funeral insurance plan, nor prepayment plan.  We are not affiliated with any mortuary.  We do not make decisions for our members.  We are a voluntary educational organization, which provides end-of-life information to help you, or your survivors, make these choices. Although we are not antagonistic toward the funeral industry, we are a force promoting consumer choice and fair dealing from them.