Our mission is to inform and educate consumers on significant end-of-life issues.  


“The Society is the best one-stop source of consumer information about funerals and cremations in Colorado”    ---FCA

Funeral Consumer Society of Colorado is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit educational organization. Your donations support our work monitoring state and federal legislation and educating families in consumer rights and funeral information on significant end-of-life issues.  Join nearly 400,000 others nationwide in supporting our mission (and our parent organization, Funeral Consumers Alliance) in protecting our funeral consumer rights. 

     "We do for funeral purchases what Consumer Reports® does for products"---(statement from FCA).




Founded in 1963 with the original goal of enabling its members to plan for simple, dignified funerals or memorials at fair prices, the Society has greatly expanded its mission to additionally include: educating our members on many significant end-of-life issues, keeping members apprised of pertinent State and Federal laws and helping both members and their heirs make informed decisions. The Society is open to all, regardless of age or ethnic background, and is nonsectarian. We are an affiliate member of the Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA), a leading national organization advocating consumer rights.




We are not a charity nor a funeral home, nor a funeral insurance plan, nor prepayment plan.  We are not affiliated with any mortuary.  We do not make decisions for our members.  We are not a repository for end-of-life documents.  We are not antagonistic to the entire funeral industry. 

Why is the Society needed?


A death in the family creates an emotional situation.  It often leaves people vulnerable and likely to make hasty and expensive decisions if they lack sufficient information regarding the wishes of the deceased.  The Society encourages its members to study options and make decisions in advance and to make a written record of their wishes, thereby sparing their survivors from having to make difficult decisions under stress.


Current Meeting Information:

As of March 26th, 2020, FCSC is going to Zoom for their Board meetings.  The Annual Meeting on May 2, 2020 was cancelled.  Until we have further COVID updates our meetings will be by Zoom (see "NEWS" and "COMMUN. ED." on this website.  Disregard below info for now; we hope to get back to these locations after summer of 2021).

Once a year we have a general meeting for members and their guests, in which one or two speakers are invited to talk about issues concerning our mission.  This annual meeting is held on the first Saturday in May, from 9:00 a.m. until around 12:00 p.m. The 2020 meeting in May will be at Malley Sr. Rec Center in Englewood.


Our Directors have about six meetings per year, generally held on the fourth Thursday at 10:00 a.m.  Members are welcome to attend Board meetings; if you are interested, contact the FCSC phone number, 720*432*5379, for the date and place of the next meeting.  A Board member monitors the phone regularly.


A memorial society or funeral consumer society such as ours is a nonprofit, democratic association of people from all walks of life, who want a simple, dignified alternative to the elaborate and increasingly costly funeral services promoted by the funeral industry.  The first such society was started over 50 years ago.  Initially most were euphemistically called memorial societies, but in recent years many have changed their names to more accurately reflect what we really are:  groups of consumers who want to keep informed about funeral industry practices and economical alternatives to expensive funerals. We changed our name from Rocky Mountain Memorial Society to Funeral Consumer Society of Colorado in 1998 to make our name more clearly match that purpose.  Our mission remains the same.

The Society aims to educate its members and to secure fair prices for basic types of services.  Through contracts with mortuary and cremation Service Providers, the Society gives its members the opportunity to obtain lower prices than those generally prevailing in a local area.  Contract Providers are selected on the basis of price, reputation, adherence to contract terms, location, and other factors.  Our contract terms require Providers to serve our members at low fixed prices for most basic services.  Extra items, or upgrades to more expensive options, are negotiated by the member and the Provider.  Our contract Providers are obligated not to pressure members or their survivors to buy services or goods they do not want.  In many cases, services may be arranged with a single telephone call, making arrangements much easier for survivors in a time of stress.  Our members are under no obligation to use the Providers we contract with.  We do not have contract agreements with cemeteries.  Currently, there are over 3,000 members in FCSC.  Other benefits are a mailed semi-annual newsletter, the Member Handbook.  Executors of estates are urgently advised to note that the deceased must have been a member of FCSC for at least one year in order to get the contracted price on services from a contract provider mortuary.

Cost of Membership


Each adult applicant pays $20.00 to join, which includes dues for the first two years of membership.  Dues of $20 per adult member are payable every second year to maintain membership. Dependent children are covered under a parent's membership at no additional cost.  Dues may be waived in cases of true hardship.  Transferees are subject to the same terms as new members.

These and other topics are available on this web site:





CONSUMER RIGHTS                                                   REQUIREMENTS AND LAWS




On a Personal note:

Do Your Children Know About Us?


     Recently we talked with a family of siblings who had lost their last surviving parent.  They were at a loss as to how to go about planning a service, and what things needed to be done.  None of the children had ever gone through the process of arranging for a funeral or cremation (their parent did this previously), and none of them even knew where to start.  In not knowing, they flipped through the yellow pages and picked a mortuary; they were unpleasantly surprised when the costs of their “standard” funeral just about ate up all the family resources, not to mention any inheritance.  A sad lesson learned, only too late!

     Since many families find it hard to talk about end of life issues, especially with a parent (“Are you trying to say something?!”), we suggest an easy way to bring the subject up:  Buy them a subscription to this Society and newsletter.  The cost is minimal, and you’ll be doing them a favor by at least giving them the names of some worthy providers.  My parents did this for me, and I was forever grateful.  They were smarter than I gave them credit for!     


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