Each adult applicant pays $20.00 to join, which includes dues for the first two years of membership.  Dues of $20 per adult member are payable every second year to maintain membership. Dependent children are covered under a parent's membership at no additional cost.  Dues may be waived in cases of true hardship. Transferees are subject to the same terms as new members.  


**Note about the membership rate increase:

FCSC hasn’t increased its membership fees in many years, and we are finally adjusting them to account for our true costs of operation.  We appreciate your continued support of our work to educate funeral consumers in the state of Colorado! Check out our new (in process) Funeral Provider Price Survey on our website under 'Price Comparison' so that you, too, can become an educated consumer. And if you need personalized help, we are always available to you by phone or email.

Membership Renewal

  • The Society aims to educate its members and to secure fair prices for basic types of services.  Through contracts with mortuary and cremation Service Providers, the Society gives its members the opportunity to obtain lower prices than those generally prevailing in a local area.  Contract Providers are selected on the basis of price, reputation, adherence to contract terms, location, and other factors.  Our contract terms require Providers to serve our members at low fixed prices for most basic services.  Extra items, or upgrades to more expensive options, are negotiated by the member and the Provider.  Our contract Providers are obligated not to pressure members or their survivors to buy services or goods they do not want.  In many cases, services may be arranged with a single telephone call, making arrangements much easier for survivors in a time of stress.  Our members are under no obligation to use the Providers we contract with.  We do not have contract agreements with cemeteries.  Currently, there are over 3,000 members in FCSC.  Other benefits are a mailed semi-annual newsletter, the Member Handbook, and an annual meeting with guest speakers on topics related to our mission.  

    **Executors of estates are urgently advised to note that the deceased must have been a member of FCSC for at least one year in order to get the contracted price on services from a contract provider mortuary.