Advisor Larry Clarke, (former Board member) arranged a panel of 4 speakers, presenting a seminar on myths of the funeral industry.


FCSC Board member (Treasurer) Jim Taylor presents information at the Larry Clarke Zoom seminar, 9/17/20

Taken May 4, 2019 at Malley Sr. Rec Center, Englewood, Colorado


President Jill Ross opens the FCSC Annual Meeting


Jan Eccher, pictured here with her gift; presented for over 16 years of service as FCSC's President   3-28-19

 Boulder Sr. Law Day, Longmont, Sept 23, 2017 

             Pictured:  Barbara w. (on left), Jennifer B., & Grant

Pictures from the Annual Meeting, May 7, 2016.  Left: Lura, Em, & Stewart visit.  Center and right:  John Lantz, guest speaker from Georgia (also a Board Member of Funeral Consumers Alliance)


Andy Sweet sits the table at the open house of Human Services Network of CO, Auraria campus. 3/5/19

Congressman Perlmutter's Sr. Resource Fair; March 2, 2018

Jill Ross & Jennifer Bishop

Em and Jim man the FCSC table at Malley's Sr. Expo, on April 7, 2016

Jim, Judy and Anthony at FCSC's table on May 3, 2016 at Goodson Rec Center's Sr. Resource Day

Em, Jan and Judy at the FCSC table---Buck Rec Center, on the May 4, 2016 Sr. Resource Day

Grant Steffen gave an FCSC Outreach program to people at Buck Rec Center (Jim Taylor contributed).  Many questions were asked about the funeral industry, personal funeral planning and this Funeral Society.  Contact FCSC (see phone and e-mail on page header)  if you would like your group to hear this talk.

"FCSC", presented by Larry Clarke,

Board Member  (May 28, 2014)










Larry Clarke's interview with Grant Steffen on funeral information and four other end-of-life issues  (

Speaking at the FCSC annual meeting, 5-3-14

Josh Slocum from FCA


Photo of the 2019 Board of FCSC;  taken at the 2019 Annual Meeting at Malley Center 


Left to right:  Jill Ross,  Jan Eccher, Em Putnam, Larry Clarke. Jim Taylor, Judy Taylor, Anthony Bowerman (not pictured: Andy Sweet, Jennifer Bishop)

The 2018 Board of FCSC, taken at the 2018 Annual Meeting, Malley Center in Englewood 


Left to right:  Jim Taylor, Judy Taylor, Barbara Wagner, Jennifer Bishop, Anthony Bowerman, Grant Steffen, Jill Ross, Anthony Bowerman, Em Putnam

Not Shown: Jan Eccher, Larry Clarke, Andy Sweet

FCSC's Board in 2017, taken at the Annual meeting, Malley Center

Standing: left to right:  Jim Taylor, Grant Steffen, Jill Ross, Anthony Bowerman, Lew Dunlap

Seated: Em Putnam, , Judy Taylor, Jan Eccher, Barbara Wagner, Jennifer Bishop

Not Shown: Larry Clarke, Andy Sweet

The 2016 Board of FCSC, taken at the 2016 Annual Meeting, at U.U. Church in Denver. 

Standing:  left to right:  Anthony Bowerman, Grant Steffen, Jan Eccher, Larry Clarke



Seated: Barbara Wagner, Em Putnam, Jim Taylor, Judy Taylor 

Photo of the 2014 Board of FCSC;  taken at the October 30, 2014 Board Meeting.

Standing, left to right:  Anthony Bowerman, Grant Steffen, Jim Taylor, Larry Clarke, Judy Taylor 


Seated:  Ross Getchell, Jan Eccher, Em Putnam