What To Do When You Can't Afford a Funeral
Josh Slocum, FCA executive director  


"The most important thing to remember is that a meaningful, heartfelt memorial doesn't need to cost more than your family can afford. Whether you spend $600 or $10,000, you'll love and miss the deceased just as much. It's the coming together of family and friends to laugh, cry, and love each other that makes a funeral meaningful, not the amount of money it costs. 

And this is crucial: there is no charity or government organization that will pay off any debt you've accrued if you arrange a  funeral that's beyond your means. It's your family's responsibility to spend within its budget. Funeral homes are not required to let you pay in installments; many these days are asking for payment upfront. While this might seem frustrating, it's a responsible business practice and it prevents many grieving people from falling into a financial trap when they're not thinking clearly. Sweating the monthly bills six months after the death because the funeral payments are high does not, I assure you, help lift the burden of grief." 


There are some suggestions for creative ways to economize, and otherwise pay for funeral or memorial expenses on the FCA web site:

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Link (below) to a very useful article “What to Do when someone dies”  - pdf for printing.

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FCA - over 25 printable informative pamphlets available ( under "For Consumers", "FAQ's" for others not sampled here:  Green Burial; How to Plan a Memorial Service; Common Funeral Myths; Organ and Body Donation; Veterans Burial Benefits; Cremation Explained; How to File a Funeral or Cemetery Complaint.

Dementia Decoder -   this links to a decision tree/ checklist process that helps

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Bureau of Vital Statistics:  Colorado Department of Public Health and environment - a place to get vital records (birth certificates, death certificates; marriage, divorce and other vital records.

An interview, headed by Mark Koebrich of Channel 9 News was aired on April 26, entitled "How to not break the bank paying for your funeral services".  The interview, conducted by Koebrich, highlighted our own Funeral Consumers Society of Colorado, featuring Board member Jill Ross, and one of FCSC's Contract Providers, Jim Stork.  To view the entire airing, go to: