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Save the date!!!!!!!!    May 1, 2021 Annual FCSC meeting

This year's annual meeting will be held by Zoom; that gives ALL of the Colorado chapter (and others) a chance to hear Josh Slocum, Executive Director of Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA), our national "father" organization; he will speak on "Transparency" of the funeral industry, also FCA's efforts to require funeral operators to post their prices on-line.  The Zoom link is:


Many Outreach Presentations are on hold because of the Corona Virus; contact FCSC (see phone and e-mail on page header) for information.  But below is a Zoom one!

Outreach Presentations are free: if you would like your group to hear and ask questions about the funeral industry, contact FCSC.  Board members, Jill Ross, Andy Sweet, and Jennifer Bishop generally do the Outreach programs.  Call FCSC's phone number: (720) 432-5379 to leave a message.

 * April 14, 2021, at 9:30 to 11:00 on Zoom; FCSC Board President Sue Mackey will be presenting a Zoom Outreach program with FCSC Board member, Larry Clarke.  This is through Denver Senior Coalition.  Save the date; we'll put the link on when it gets closer to the date.


These Senior Law Days might be postponed because of the Corona Virus; contact FCSC (see phone and e-mail on page header) for information.

In keeping with FCSC's Mission Statement of informing and educating consumers, the Board has provided information booths at several Senior Law Days in the past.  There will be future dates listed here:


FCSC's Board Member, and Vice President, Jill Ross, will be giving information on various resources available to members and the community at large.   To be added after 2021.

Jill Ross

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