and prices for FCSC members

                   (as of October 2018)



Each of our providers sign a contract with FCSC to participate with a contractual relationship with the mortuary and/or cremation services for the society's members for a duration of two years with automatic continuation, unless one party gives notice to change the terms.  The mortuary provides discounted prices to FCSC members, and their name appears in our newsletters and on our website.  Each provider supports FCSC and is interviewed and approved by the Board before they become a contract provider.



Note:  All direct burial prices include a minimum casket.  Basic funeral and graveside service prices do not include a casket.  Funeral followed by cremation includes rental casket.  Contact the provider for more funeral information or prices for other services.

Executors of estates are urgently advised to note that the deceased must have been a member of FCSC for at least one year in order to get the contracted price on services from a contract provider mortuary.

Stork Family Mortuary

1895 Wadsworth Blvd.                                       

Lakewood, CO 80214                                          


direct cremation with no services or viewing: $955

direct cremation with memorial services: $1,475

direct burial, no services: $1,425

graveside services (plus casket): $1,605

traditional services (church or chapel) + casket: $1,920

ship out charges (no casket plus airfare): $1,025

funeral service with cremation after: $2,205


 M.P. Murphy & Associates Funeral Directors


7464 Arapahoe Road, Suite A-3

Boulder, CO  80303



direct cremation, no services: $995

direct burial, no services: $1,475

basic traditional funeral: $3,580

graveside service: $3,380

funeral, cremation after: $3,580

(15% off above prices for members)


Bohlender Funeral Chapel

121 W. Olive St.  

Fort Collins, CO 80524 



direct cremation- no services: $995

direct burial-no services: $1,495

traditional funeral: $1,600

graveside services: $1,395

funeral-cremation after: $2,100

Cappadona Funeral Home Inc.

1020 East Fillmore

Colorado Springs, CO 80907   



direct cremation, no services: $825

direct burial, no services: $1,645

basic traditional funeral: $1,840

graveside service: $1,540

funeral, cremation after: $2,315


A General Price List comparison on all Funeral Homes and Crematoriums in Colorado was conducted in the Fall of 2014 by FCSC Board members.  It is available for you to see on this web site.  Click "Resources and Links" on the menu bar above, then click the link "2014 Price Survey..."  The Price Survey was sent out in the 2015 Spring Newsletter to members.
















Ladies and Gentlemen,

Just a note to let you know that one of your life members, Roger Lawrence Williams, Laramie, died on July 4. Upon his death, I inquired in my capacity as Roger’s personal representative with the local funeral home as to its fees for immediate cremation and was quoted “about $2,800.” I then called Bohlender’s in Ft. Collins and was quoted the exact fee listed in your most recent newsletter: $995. Both Bohlenders were extraordinarily friendly, helpful, and just plain decent. They charged an extra $70 for transporting the body to Ft. Collins; can’t imagine what the local operator would have charged. I wish more people knew about the Funeral Consumer Society, though I’m pretty sure that an acquaintance here in Laramie will join the Society, or at least pre-pay a funeral with Bohlender’s. Since I gave my last quarterly newsletter to my acquaintances, I want to make sure that your mailing address is still 4101 E. Hampden in order to send a memorial check.  

John F. Freeman

(also a life member)     

Editor's Note:  our mailing address has changed; it is now:  P.O. Box 4743; Greenwood Village, CO  80155-4743.

To Whom It May Concern,


I would just like to tell you how pleased I am with Jim Stork's handling of my wife's funeral arrangements.  He was very caring, helpful, reasonable on prices, and just a good guy to deal with.  I'm glad I am a member of the Funeral Consumer Society which enabled me to save thousands of dollars in funeral expenses compared to other funeral homes.  It's interesting to note that most other funeral home operators never heard about the Funeral Consumer Society when I mentioned it.  Thank you you for providing an excellent service to the citizens of Colorado.  I've reached out to USAA Insurance and Porter Hospice to make them aware of your organization.



Bob Czarnecki 


 Thank you for your progressive and intelligent information. It made final arrangements a few years ago for my Aunt Pegg stress-free  (through Stork's ❤️)...

On June 7th my mom, Lillian, passed... I'm so grateful for you and Storks... it's a blessing to be prepared.

Supportive help for a gentle transition on a final journey...

 ⭕️❌❤️ Susan Marie Lux

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